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The Toolshed is here to support food sharing initiatives understand and communicate their contribution to improving the sustainability of food systems. You can use it to create a report about the impacts your initiative is having now and to get ideas for how to measure your impact in the future.

As food sharing initiatives exist in many different forms, the Toolshed is designed to be flexible. It accounts for impacts across the sustainability spectrum with indicators for economic, environmental, social and political impacts. You can use this toolkit to communicate your impact in as many or as few of the impact areas contained in the toolkit that are relevant to your initiative. Even if you have not collected lots of quantitative data, the Toolshed can still build a report based on qualitative information, such as testimonies from participants in your activities. You can view an example summary report made in the Toolshed here

The video below provides a short explanation of the main functions of SHARE IT.


Click here to download the SHARE IT Toolkit User Guide

As with all of SHARE IT the Toolshed is free to use. We only require that you fill in a few details about your initiative at the start so we can see for research purposes who is using it. View our privacy policy and consent statement for using SHARE IT for more details


Please cite this toolkit as: Davies, A.R., Franck, V.  and Mackenzie, S.G. (2020) SHARE IT toolkit, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland. Retrieved from:

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