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SHARE IT is a free toolkit which will help your initiative estimate, communicate and improve its sustainability impacts. Whether your venture grows food together, eats food together or re-distributes waste and excess food, it is having an important impact by tackling particular environmental, economic, political and social issues. SHARE IT will support you to communicate these impacts by generating a tailored sustainability impact report for your initiative.

SHARE IT has three innovative features:

  • The Toolshed: to measure your social, economic and environmental impacts
  • The Talent Garden: to share stories about your impacts with key stakeholders
  • The Greenhouse: to connect with other food sharing initiatives and share resources and knowledge

We are passionate about raising awareness about the positive environmental, social and economic impacts food sharing is having. To achieve this we offer a free online sustainability impact assessment toolkit to measure and communicate your impacts to stakeholders, policy makers and funding groups!

If you'd like to start your SHARE IT journey, follow the first steps in this video or read our getting started blog post here


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More Solutions for Food Sharing Initiaitves!
SHARE IT is free for you to use yourself and designed to be accessible for a non-expert. But we understrand many groups might have low time availability or feel unsure how to navigate the SHARE IT platform. So we are also developing a suite of support services where our research team can conduct the sustainability impact assessment for you! These will be costed at accessible rates, based on your means. 
New Solutions for Local Governments
We are developing a suite of consultancy services to map, measure and monitor food sahring acitvities, and their sustainability impacts, at a local to regional level. Do you want to know what food sharing is happening in your jurisdiction? How food sharing progresses your sustainability targets and increases the resilience of your urban food system? What challenges do food sharing initiaitves face in your area?  Click here to see our two pilot projects with Dublin City Council and Fingal County Council
New Solutions for Food Retailers
Do you donate your surplus food to local community groups and/or individuals? We are developing a suite of consultancy services to measure the positive social, environmental and economic impacts your food donations are having within the local community.

Want to find out more about our upcoming service?

Send expressions of interest to amcgeeve@tcd.ie

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Where food sharing initaitves can measure and visualise their sustainability impacts

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Talent Garden

Talent Garden

Where food sharing initiatives can share stories about their activities and impacts.

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Where food sharing initiatives can connect with others around the world to share experiences and learn from each other.

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